7 Things to Consider Before Buying Folding Arm Awnings

spaco_admin, July 9, 2020
If you have an outdoor area in your backyard and you want to use the space to enhance your living, you need to consider covering this space. The scorching heat of the sun might ruin your plans and the best way to cover your space is to install retractable folding arm awnings that are the most popular choice in Melbourne and other Australian cities. These folding arm awnings are practical, versatile and can be installed easily. In addition to that, they are easy to clean and maintain and provide various benefits to your property.


Table of Content

      1. What Are Folding arm Awnings
      2. Things to Consider While Buying Folding Arm Awnings
      3. Terms of Warranty
      4. The Installation Process
      5. Manual or Automatic
      6. Manufacturing
      7. Components Quality
      8. Custom Made or Ready Made
      9. Plain or Stripes

What Are Folding Arm Awnings?


Folding arm awnings are one of the most popular outdoor area coverings that are energy-efficient, budget-friendly and highly attractive. You can keep the sun’s heat away in summers and can protect your cover during rainfall too. Furthermore, the new and modern retractable awnings can be retracted when not in use or extreme weather conditions. There are some unparalleled advantages of these awnings that make them the best choice for an outdoor area covering. 


Things to Consider While Buying Folding Arm Awnings


  1. Terms of Warranty

When you are buying folding arm awnings, choose a manufacturer who can offer a full-service warranty. It might cost you a little more, but it is well worth your money. Nowadays, most of the awning manufacturers offer a five-year warranty to ensure that you don’t face issues while using them. Warranty is the first thing that you need to consider while buying folding arm awnings.


  1. The Installation Process

You don’t need to just look at the cost of the folding arm awnings Melbourne, but also consider the cost of the installation process. If you have necessary skills to install them by yourself, you can save some money, but if you are not familiar with the technical aspects of the awnings and their installation, you need to hire a professional for the job. You cannot ruin the best set of awnings by the DIY method. Most of the manufacturers now offer a free installation service, but sometimes, you might need to pay the installer for the installation.


  1. Manual or Automatic

When you are buying awnings, you will have two standard options to choose from: Manual or Automatic. Manual awnings are difficult to operate or retract especially the size of the awnings is big. They are operated with a crank and it also requires more attention. In summary, it is preferred to not go for manual folding arm awnings.


Automatic or motorised awnings are operated with remote control and you can have some relief finally. It might cost you a little more than manual awnings, but you will not have any headaches while operating them. Most of the homeowners now choose automatic awnings.


  1. Manufacturing 

Who has manufactured the awnings is also one of the prime things to consider while buying awnings. For example, if the manufacturer is an Australian company, they must have considered the weather conditions of the country while manufacturing. It will be an added advantage for you. Many companies offer low-cost awnings, but the quality of these awnings are not up to the mark. They are mostly imported from China and they are unable to function in the Australian weather. 


  1. Components Quality

Another thing to consider is the quality of components of awnings. Ensure that the components are also manufactured in Australia itself and are of high-quality. Components outsourced from China are of low-quality and will not have a good functioning life. They will deteriorate soon. 


  1. Custom Made or Ready-Made

Now, you need to make a clear distinction here. It is not advised to go for ready-made products as they might not function at their best in the weather conditions. When it comes to custom made awnings, they are carefully designed with the latest technologies and skilled personnel and you can vouch for their quality. It will integrate into your house and outdoor area quite comfortably and seamlessly. In addition to that, they are also easy to maintain and are safer than ready-made awnings. You don’t have to reach out to the service provider now and then to replace faulty parts when you have custom made awnings at your home. The custom made folding arm awnings price is higher than ready-made awnings, but you will have no complaints later on when it comes to quality and functionality. 


  1. Plain or Stripes

When it comes to the type of fabrics for awnings, there are some great choices you might have. However, there are two types of awning fabrics you have to choose from- plain fabrics and striped fabrics. 


When it comes to cleaning, plain fabrics are easy to clean and maintain compared to striped ones. In addition to that, plain fabrics are more prone to stains compared to striped ones. Choosing striped fabrics is the wise decision that you will make.




When you are buying folding arm awnings, you need to keep these things in mind to choose the best cover for your home. There is also a wide range of colours available and you can play with your choices. Choose a reputed brand that is in the business for years to get high-quality and highly-functional awnings.


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