European Folding Arm Awnings at Factory-Direct Prices

Folding Arm Awnings extends your outdoor living area to provide more shade and undercover living space.

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Folding Arm Awnings

Retractable Folding Arm Awnings


Nothing is more than a fascinating retractable folding arms awnings which make the heart of an avid-patio and balcony lover beat faster. With retractable folding arms awnings, you get the opportunity to extend your outdoor living area and set up a coffee table for entertainment.


Folding Arm Awnings are the most popular awnings across Australia that give shade, protection and is fully retractable. You can fold it completely while it is not in use and do not worry; folding arm awnings will just occupy a small space on the wall. By retracting, the fabric roll and mechanism is protected against the adverse climate.


Folding Arms Awnings Melbourne help in maximising the space and enhance the look of the house. We are sure; your guests will love to mingle freely outside the living space under the compact wall-mounted designed retractable folding arms awnings. Folding arm awnings Melbourne are manufactured using lightweight, durable acrylic or architectural fabrics that can cover up to an area as long as 6 metres wide and project up to 4 meters out. These folding arm awnings Melbourne can be operated using a manual crank system or motorised for added convenience. Our motorised folding arm awnings can connect to your smart home system and even control by your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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Llaza Splenbox 400 LED

The Llaza SPLENBOX-400 full-cassette awning offers the complete self-protection that characterises all of the products in Llaza’s BOX range of products. The most noteworthy characteristic of this awning system continues to be its compact structure. The SPLENBOX-400 ensures excellent resistance to environmental conditions, extending the life of all of its components and significantly decreasing the various phases of maintenance that conventional awnings require. Compared to previous models, the SPLENBOX-400 offers greater strength, extended projection up to 4 meters, and improved aesthetics through the incorporation of the SPLENDOR tensioning system.

Llaza Storbox 300

The systems in the LLAZA-BOX range is designed based on a double concept. We wanted them not only to provide protection from the sun but also to provide self-protection from the sun but also to be self-protecting against dust and humidity. Within the LLAZA-BOX range features aerodynamic lines – making them suitable to a wide range of architectural designs. The STORBOX-300 arms feature the internal ART SYSTEM tensioning system. The joint which employs a flat and flexible belt to optimise the transmission of tension, provide greater strength and durability and extend the lifespan of the system.

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  • We offer the latest colours, styles, and materials for a wide array of retractable folding arm awnings.
  • Our folding arm awnings Melbourne are made to measure, especially catering to your individual requirements.
  • When you purchase folding arm awnings from Spaco, you are buying it at wholesale prices.
  • You can always expect end-to-end motorised folding arm awning services from installation to fitting when you opt for Spaco.
  • We provide a 5-year warranty on all our folding arm awnings
  • You can always expect high quality retractable folding arm awning from us with durability and comfort for your outdoor space.
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