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Are you annoyed with that scorching heat in summers and chilling breezes that make your bones numb in winters?

Save yourself from such extreme weather conditions by merely installing quality outdoor blinds that will protect you from cold winds and rain in winters and from extreme heat in summers by providing insulation. Not just that, you can also expect privacy from these blinds. For all homeowners who love privacy, these exterior blinds are the perfect addition to their homes.

Spaco Outdoor Living has set a benchmark by offering a wide range of high-quality, stylish, and jaw-dropping modern outdoor blinds for patios, pergolas, and cafes to make them unmatched and luxuriously elegant. Are you looking for some precious time with your loved ones on your porch or patio? Buy outdoor blinds for patio now.

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    Outdoor Blinds Products

    UNIZIP Outdoor Blinds

    • Add a touch of elegance
    • High-quality thermally insulating materials
    •  Privacy and light control
    •  Protection against rain and wind
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    Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

    • A unique spline design 
    • The best integration with any architecture
    • 6 m wide and 3.5 m tall
    • Easy to use and install
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    Features of Outdoor Blinds

    Made in Australia

    Spaco is proud to manufacture all of its modern outdoor blinds by the trained Australian workers who possess sheer expertise in blinds manufacturing.

    The best value for money

    The best quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne, available at the best price in the market for you.

    Free Measure and Quote

    All you need to do is to reach out to us for free measure and quote. Just contact us now.

    Expert’s consultation

    If you want an expert’s advice for your home, office or cafe’s blinds requirements, we have a team of experts who will happily discuss.

    Smooth and hassle-free purchase

    No hassles and hindrances while dealing with us. We make the purchase of outdoor blinds Melbourne fun and exciting.

    Best Quality Materials

    Spaco Outdoor Living takes pride in offering highest-quality fabrics for outdoor blinds which last longer.

    Reduce Energy Bills

    These quality outdoor blinds reduce your energy bills to a great extent.

    The best light control

    Outdoor blinds in Melbourne offer the best light control by blocking the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays.

    Zip Guided System

    The zip guided system holds the fabric & bottom bar between the side channels and keeps them in place even if it’s windy.

    Why Choose Spaco?

    • Built to last. Get up to 5-years warranty on modern outdoor blinds.
    • Get up to 36 months interest-free with Humm* with a small deposit upfront.
    • Support local business. Our modern outdoor blinds are made right here in Melbourne.
    • Get expert advice. Our experienced consultants will help you design and select the right product that will meet your needs and budget.
    • Super-fast delivery. We will make and install your stylish roller blinds in 2-weeks.
    • We guarantee low prices without compromise.
    • Professional installation. We know how to install both residential and commercial blinds.
    • Utmost transparency and professionalism in our operations
    • World-class quality of fabrics to last for an extended period
    • A wide range of material options to choose from.

    Our Guarantee

    You’ll get a 5-year warranty on all our products.

    Our experts will complete your design, manufacturing and installation in three weeks*.

    You can buy outdoor blinds online at the best price in the market.

    Proud to be Australian! Ziptrak blinds are designed and manufactured in Australia.

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    What are the best outdoor blinds?

    There are many outdoor blinds available in the market, but Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne are the best among them. These outdoor blinds are highly reliable, durable and offer the best aesthetic appeal to the room. In addition to that, ziptrak blinds in Melbourne are locally designed and manufactured in Australia and are energy efficient as well. Furthemore, they also keep insects away from your home. 

    How much do outdoor blinds cost?

    When you want to buy ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, for a single 3500mm wide * 2700mm drop blind, the cost will range from $1,700 to $2,000. The total cost will depend on the material you choose, the type of outdoor blinds you choose, the difficulty of installation and the number of windows in your home.

    Are outdoor blinds waterproof?

    Outdoor mesh or screen blinds are not usually 100% waterproof, but it also depends on the material, quality and fabric. For example, Ziptrak blinds are not 100% waterproof, but they are highly water repellent than other loose fabrics. We recommend you use our range of technical PVC fabrics for protection against rain. Feel free to speak with one of our consultants if you need more info.

    How do I choose outdoor blinds?

    Here is a number of steps you need to take care while buying outdoor blinds:


    • Understand your needs
    • Research for different options available
    • Go for blinds that are easy to operate
    • Consider costs
    • Check whether the blinds match with the home decor
    • Take care while choosing colors, designs and materials
    • Hire a professional supplier of blinds

    Do patio blinds keep heat in?

    Yes, outdoor blinds make your home warmer in winters by insulating your home and keeping the heat inside the room. Patio blinds are the best when it comes to keeping the room warmer in winters.

    What fabric is best for outdoor blinds?

    Screen fabric is considered the one of the best choices. It is also known as mesh fabric. Screen fabric is easy to clean, UV resistant and is highly cost-effective.

    Are motorized blinds worth it?

    Yes, they are totally worth it. They are the most preferred window treatment as they make your life a lot easier and convenient. However, one thing that you need to learn here is that they are costlier than other types of blinds because they require an electrician to wire them up.

    Do outdoor blinds reduce heat?

    For that, you need to close the outdoor blinds completely. When they are closed, they can reduce the heat gain by almost 45%, as per the DOE. Outdoor blinds such as Ziptrak blinds don’t leave any gap when closed, blocking the sunlight completely. If you want to reflect or block direct sunlight onto your valuable furniture, it can be possible with Ziptrak outdoor blinds.

    Should I try to install outdoor blinds on my own?

    Many homeowners do that, but it is highly recommended that you rely on professional installers who will be able to accomplish this job with sheer dedication and perfection. They are certified professionals who know how to install outdoor blinds in your area to offer you supreme comfort and convenience. You might end up making mistakes. Let professionals do the job.

    How do you measure for outdoor blinds?

    Before you start measuring your area, you need to have some tools for the procedure. Have a metal tape measure, pen and paper before you start.

    There are three ways you can install outdoor blinds: on the underside of a beam (ceiling mount), on the face (Face Fit) and onto the inside part of the recess (Reveal Fit).

    Reveal Fit

    If you want to fit the outdoor blind within the opening, you can go for this fit. First, start measuring from the inside of one of the posts to the inside of the other post. For example, if you are measuring the inside of a window recess, first, measure the opening from one side of the recess to the other. Note down the number which is your width.

    Now, you need to measure from the top part of the opening down to the handrail. You can also measure down to the floor if you want your blind to drop to. This is your drop. Write down the measurement. Keep the inside measurement to the closest 1 mm to have the perfect fit.

    Ceiling Mount

    If you want your outdoor blind mounted from the ceiling or a top beam’s underside, you can go for this fit. Here, first, you need to make small marks on the ceiling or beam at the selected width where you want to install your blinds. Now, measure in between those two marks which are your width.

    Now, measure the top beam or ceiling to the floor or handrail, which is your drop. Write down the measurement onto the paper.

    Face Fit

    If you want to fit your outdoor blind to hang outside of the recess to cover the entire area, you can go for Face Fit. Here, you need to start measuring from the outside edge of one post to the outer edge of the other post. In case you want to have two blinds be side by side, you can measure the centre of the one post to the centre of the other post. If you want to mount it to the wall, you can add 150 mm to each side after measuring the size of the opening. It will be your width.

    Now, start measuring from the highest point where you want to keep your brackets down to the floor or handrail where you want to drop your blinds. It will be a drop measurement. You need to write down the measurement.