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spaco_admin, April 19, 2021

Thankfully, there is a wide range of possibilities that we can explore when it comes to home décor. There is so much to explore, from furniture to the kitchen, from creating a patio to window treatments. 


Australian homeowners are creative and love to experiment with their homes. They develop unique ideas to utilise every inch of space in the home, including the front yard and backyard. 


For us Australians, outdoor entertaining is special as we love to stay in open space. The transition from indoor entertaining to outdoors can be fun and, at the same time, a value-added investment of time and money. 


For many years, open space planning has been trending in Australia and other parts of the world. Even architects and interior designers are coming up with innovative ideas to create fascinating outdoor spaces which can be used for different purposes. 


You can soak up in the sun in the early morning or chat with your loved ones in the evenings, or you can invite your friends to have a barbeque on weekends. You can create an outdoor kitchen or a play area for your kids. The possibilities are limitless.


If you have enough space in your front yard or backyard, you can create a magnificent outdoor area for various activities. All you need is ziptrak outdoor blinds to cover the area, and you are done. 


Ziptrak blinds are popular due to some unparalleled benefits they offer to homeowners. First, they have eco-friendly qualities that provide the best value for money. In addition to that, they also allow you to use all space throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions such as wind, rain, and scorching heat and sunlight. 


If you need more reasons to get convinced, we have plenty of them. Stay tuned! 


They offer protection from harsh weather conditions 


When you install ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, you are just preventing any types of extreme weather conditions from entering your premises. Ziptrak blinds are easy to clean and maintain and offer superior protection against all kinds of weather conditions such as chilly winds, UV rays, rain, and scorching heat in the summer. 

These blinds are best suited for the Australian climate and serve the purpose excellently. You can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the weather. Make minty moments with your loved ones while enjoying your favourite beverages. 


They offer versatility to your outdoor space. 


First, ziptrak outdoor blinds can blend indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly and effortlessly. Furthermore, they protect your area from harsh elements, offering you an opportunity to leverage their versatility to explore different options. 


You can go for a barbeque point, or you can create an outdoor kitchen, or you can have a play area for your loved ones, or you can make a sitting arrangement to play some quality time with your spouse. Explore your options and make the best out of them. 


They create a vibrant and inviting entertaining area 


Install ziptrak blinds and make your outdoor space vibrant and inviting. Let those floor-length verticals do magic by creating the illusion of a high ceiling. Also, you are safe and sound once the blinds are shut down. They offer an outstanding amount of privacy to you. You can get rid of those peeping eyes of neighbours. 


Also, real estate brokers believe that homes with great outdoor spaces impress potential buyers instantly. You can get a good amount when you think of selling off your home. 


They are energy efficient. 


Ziptrak blinds don’t just protect you from harsh weather elements; they also create an insulation layer to your home, reducing your electricity bills to a great extent. You will not have to keep your air conditioning on during the whole day in the summer.

These blinds will work as a natural air conditioning machine to make your home cooler in summers and warm in winters. 


Ziptrak outdoor blinds align well with the social push toward sustainable homes as they are eco-friendly blinds. 


They add value to your property. 

First of all, they are a cost-effective investment compared to other types of outdoor blinds. In addition to that, they offer superior and comfortable outdoor living throughout the year. 


You don’t need to renovate an entire section of the house. Instead, you can upgrade your outdoor space, and it will boost your property’s value to a great extent. 


Keep unwanted guests away. 


Bugs and insects are big enemies of comfortable and peaceful living, especially in Australia. When you install ziptrak blinds in Melbourne or in other cities where you live, you are just saying BYE to those unwanted guests who are blood-thirsty. 


Ziptrak blinds can prevent bugs, insects, and other species from entering your home by blocking their way. The same goes for the dust. You can protect the lives of your loved ones. 


Get the best extra space to live in 


Ziptrak outdoor blinds offer an additional extra space that the homeowner can utilise for different purposes. Also, these blinds combine indoor and outdoor environments in a perfectly harmonious space. You will have a brand new area, or we can call it a room, to enjoy with your loved ones. You can sit with your family members at night for private talks, or you can invite your friends over weekends. You can lead a luxurious life you have always dreamed of. 




Though ziptrak outdoor blinds are a reputed brand in Australia, you need to ensure that you hire a reputable firm for the installation. 


Reputed licensed professionals will come to your home and install them properly. 


There is a wide range of ziptrak blinds designs you can choose from. Explore colour and other options to match them with your outdoor blinds and the interiors. 


If you are looking for ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, Spaco Outdoor Living is a name to remember. They are the official dealer of Ziptrak blinds and offer unmatched services. 


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