Ziptrak Blinds: Best Solution for Outdoor Protection

spaco_admin, November 12, 2020


Undoubtedly, Ziptrak outdoor blinds are one of the most exclusive and leading outdoor binds in Australia that has carved a niche by offering some unmatched benefits to homeowners. One of the core specialities of Ziptrak outdoor blinds is their track guided blinds design, invented initially by Tony De Maaijer, has completely transformed the outdoor blind industry in Australia and other parts of the world. In a short period, outdoor Ziptrak blinds have enjoyed immense popularity across the globe.


What is Ziptrak Blinds?


Decorating an outdoor space of a home is the dream of any homeowner. Some try to create an entertainment area, some might go for an outdoor kitchen, and some prefer to make a porch to enjoy the outdoor view with their loved ones. No matter which structure you want to establish, you need to cover the structure to protect it from rain, wind, heat and harmful UV rays of the sun. Here, Ziptrak blinds can serve the core purpose brilliantly. They are designed in a manner that they perfectly form a harmonious connection between your outdoor and indoor space.


Some of the functionalities of outdoor Ziptrak blinds are discussed here:


  • The Ziptrak outdoor blinds have a track guided design that is patented and offers a smart solution for outdoor living.


  • Ziptrak outdoor blinds can withstand heavy rainfall, storm, wind and harsh UV rays of the sun. They also protect your outdoor space from insects, bugs and mosquitoes.  


  • They are also available in new interior design to block the sunlight while offering the best quality of insulation.


  • Ziptrak blinds smoothly glide over their panels. In addition to that, they can be customised and adjusted at any suitable height of your choice.


  • It is a local brand with 30 years of experience and expertise in the industry. The Ziptrak outdoor blinds price is affordable, and it offers the best value for the money you spend.


  • When you buy Ziptrak outdoor blinds online, they are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes to match with your home’s existing décor.


Advantages of Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds


Fully customisable


One of the most impressive benefits of Ziptrak outdoor blinds is that they can be customised entirely. You can make them match your style or the existing décor of your home. From fabric options to colour choices to accessories like pelmets, locks and pull releases, you can customise everything about Ziptrak outdoor blinds. In addition to that, professionals cut and install them perfectly to get the best for your space.


No cords, zippers or buckles


If you are looking for a neat and tidy outdoor blind option, buy outdoor Ziptrak blinds online. They are also the safest outdoor blinds as they don’t have any cords, zippers or buckles to worry about. Pulleys, zippers and ropes are a bit risky options when you have children at home. On the other hand, Ziptrak blinds have a fully enclosed headbox that also looks impressive and appealing in your outdoor space.


Easy to operate


You can seal off the outdoor space by pulling down and clip. They are easy to operate and don’t require any training for it. Designed as panels, they can be sealed airtight offering perfect protection against rain and wind. Also, they offer maximum insulation. All you need to do is to release the central lock and lift to open them. Motorised Ziptrak blinds are also available to provide you with great convenience.


Sunscreen mesh Vs PVC


When you buy Ziptrak outdoor blinds online, you have two options: Sunscreen Mesh and PVC. Both options have slightly different features and benefits. While sunscreen mesh offers a high level of sun, wind and UV protection, PVC is a stylish and highly popular option and available in clear or tinted. PVC Ziptrak blinds are highly durable and are the best option for cold environments. They can keep the space warm. On the other hand, sunscreen mesh Ziptrak blinds can reduce heat transmission and keeps your view intact.


Centre lock release


The central lock release system is highly intuitive and keeps the blinds to be held in place. You can release the blind within seconds. The locks are highly discreet and highly durable and you will find no issues with them for years.


Customisable size


If you have a large space, it can be covered with Ziptrak blinds easily. The system can cover large areas without needing any vertical support additions. The whole space will look seamless and attractive.




With the help of skirting, you can add another layer of weather protection. You can completely seal off space and keep dust, dirt and insects away from your area.


Tips While Hiring a Professional for Installing Ziptrak Blinds


  • When you have decided to buy Ziptrak blinds online, you need to find a registered authorised supplier of Ziptrak blinds in your area. They are certified professionals who will offer you a wide range of options in colours, styles and fabrics.


  • Choose a supplier that has earned a reputation by offering high-quality outdoor covering services to customers and has a proven track record of providing the best installation services.


  • Choose a Ziptrak blinds dealer who has a team of installation professionals who can carry out the job with the best accuracy and precision.




If you have an outdoor space that you want to cover, Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne is the best choice and the best investment. They are versatile, safe, durable and reliable and available in a wide range of colours, styles, patterns and fabric.


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