What are the best fabrics and materials for your home blinds?

spaco_admin, May 11, 2021


If you ask a designer the best window treatment that Australians love, the answer would be outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds offer the best value for money, and if you visit any Australian city such as Brisbane, Perth, or Melbourne, you will see homes with outdoor blinds. 


Outdoor blinds in Melbourne are famous for their look, feel, and high longevity and reliability level. They offer the best, rich look to your home and, at the same time, take care of temperature and light control. 


You don’t have to compromise on a single element when you determine to go for outdoor blinds. At Spaco Outdoor Living, we offer a wide range of outdoor blinds online to customers for home beautification. 


However, one thing that you need to consider here. The sense of beauty, durability, and look of your outdoor blinds depends on the materials and fabrics used, so if you fail to get that beauty that you wished for when you have bought cheap and low quality outdoor blinds or awnings, nothing to get shocked of. 


Many homeowners prioritize price over quality, and it is a dangerous thing as it will ruin your home’s charm and ambiance. Don’t do it. You might be able to save a few bucks initially, but you will see functionality issues in those outdoor blinds in Melbourne in a short period. They will lose their shine, or they will become prematurely weathered. 


Always choose a product with the right and superior fabrics and materials that last longer than expected. This post depicts some of the fabrics and materials for outdoor blinds that look fantastic and magnificent for a long time to come. 


Which fabrics to choose for outdoor blinds?


Before we answer this question, it is crucial to find out your purpose. What is your goal to install outdoor blinds? Do you want temperature control? Do you want superior light control? Do you want a magnificent room that represents your aesthetic choice? Different fabrics and materials have other functions, and you need to know about them first. 


Let’s discuss fabrics one by one and their functions and effects in the home. 




  • Which are the oldest style of blinds and awning fabric? I would say Canvas fabrics. 
  • Due to its high heat refracting properties, you can use them in the rooms where you want sunlight protection. 
  • It is one of the traditional fabrics, primarily used for awnings. However, you need to choose a high-quality canvas as it has to encounter harsh conditions.

Shade Cloth


  • Another fabric that is a traditional one is shade cloth. Like canvas, shade cloth is also used to protect a particular area against the harsh sunlight. 
  • They are available in a wide range of colours to choose from. They can be used to serve different roles. 
  • Dark-coloured shade cloth will absorb heat and also reduce the sun’s glare. 
  • When you use a light-coloured shade cloth, sunlight will bounce off. 
  • Choose a manufacturer who offers good quality shade cloth.

Block Out Screens


  • If privacy is your concern, go for block-out screens.
  • Though they are not the subtlest blinds, they offer a great deal of privacy and protection from harsh conditions. 
  • They are also used as patio outdoor blinds
  • If you have a patio in your backyard, you can use these screens to protect it from direct sunlight and to prevent those neighbours who peep into your affairs. 
  • It offers 100% privacy and light blocking. Keep your affairs private with blackout blinds.




  • Mesh screens are one of the most popular and preferred choices in Australia. 
  • Mesh outdoor blinds are made of PVC, which never rot or fade. 
  • Also, they protect your lifestyle from unnecessary outside elements such as bugs, harsh sun, rain, and wind. 
  • You can see through the windows. Mesh blinds are quality outdoor blinds that don’t fade or rot and offer you a great outside view. 
  • They are available in a wide range of density and opacity. 
  • If you want to allow cool air to permeate your area, mesh screens allow it. 



  • PVC outdoor blinds are also one of the most preferred blinds in Australia. 
  • They maintain uninterrupted views of the outside while reducing the amount of glare entering your area. 
  • However, you need to buy quality PVC blinds that last longer.

Now, let’s discuss some of the materials used in outdoor blinds.


Metal Blinds


  • Most of the time, aluminum is the metal that is used in metal blinds. 
  • They are strong and do not fade or rot quickly.
  • Most blind manufacturers oxidise aluminium to make it stronger. 
  • Horizontal in shape, these outdoor blinds in Melbourne are attached with a cord.


Wooden Blinds


  • Inspired by Venice’s architecture and fashion, these blinds are expensive compared to other types of blind materials. 
  • However, they are considered the best quality window blinds material, which offers the best value. 
  • They are mostly handmade from wood. However, they have some maintenance issues as they handle humidity, rain, sunlight, and wind.


Plastic Blind


  • They are available at an excellent, reasonable price and are prevalent in Australia as well. 
  • You can get a wide range of designs and a variety of options here. 
  • Most used plastic blinds are Vinyl plastic blinds that are durable, reliable, and strong.


Faux Blind or Composite Wood:



  • These outdoor blinds are made by mixing PVC and wood to create the base material. 
  • The maintenance cost of these outdoor blinds is almost zero. You don’t need to maintain them at all. 
  • It offers a unique wooden look to the blind that adds the aesthetic appeal of the blind.


Synthetic Blind



  • Here, synthetic fabric is used as material. Nowadays, these blinds are increasing in demand as they are available in a wide range of prints and designs. 
  • You can choose as per your home décor type and personal preferences.

Zip Screen Blinds


  • Zip screen outdoor blinds are trendy due to the unparalleled advantages they offer to homeowners. 
  • Attached to the slides with a zip, these blinds are very affordable compared to other types of blinds. 
  • They are of the highest quality and serve the core purpose brilliantly.



You need to ensure that you are choosing outdoor blinds in Melbourne from a reputed manufacturer. The quality of fabric and material is critical for blinds to last long. If you compromise at it, you might end up inviting troubles related to functionality issues. Spaco Outdoor Living is a top-notch name when it comes to blinds manufacturers in Australia. They are the licensed dealer of Ziptrak blinds in Australia. Contact them now to get the best deal for window treatments. 


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