5 Easy Ways to Decorate Windows with Blinds and Plantation Shutters

spaco_admin, October 19, 2020

We all agree with the fact that window treatments look amazing and give a new meaning to the home. Whether you go for blinds or plantation shutters or curtains or drapes, they look fantastic. Plantation shutters and outdoor blinds in Melbourne are the two most preferred choices when it comes to window treatments. 


However, you can still decorate your homes after installing your window treatments and beautify your home to a great extent. Whether you have installed plantation shutters or outdoor blinds, with little decorative things, you can give an aesthetic appeal to your home. In this post, we will discuss some of the tips to get the best out of window treatments to decorate your home. 

First, we will start with modern outdoor blinds and then plantation shutters. Stay tuned! 



Decorative tips with outdoor blinds 



Choosing the right fabric


  • If you have selected outdoor blinds, you can choose from various fabrics, colours and patterns to suit your ultimate needs.
  • Making a choice is easy. All you need to do is select the fabric that suits your need the most from our premium outdoor mesh to our industry, leading PVC fabrics.
  • Either you can go for a plain colour which will blend in and complement your colour of quality outdoor blinds, or you can select a completely different shade of fabric to add some contrast. 
  • If you select a mesh fabric, you can choose from a 5% openness mesh that is more visible or a 1% mesh that will be less visible and block out more wind or rain.
  • If you select PVC, you have a choice between clear or tinted. Made using the latest technology, our range of PVC will not expand or contract. Hence your blinds will not get stuck when the temperature changes and will require little to no maintenance.


Headbox & Side-Tracks 


  • Another decorative tip is to choose an outdoor blind with a semi-open or fully-enclosed headbox tailored look to your outdoor window blinds and your home facade.
  • Having a headbox on your outdoor blind can have several advantages. First, the headbox will help protect the fabric when it’s not in use, and you can also customise the colour and shape to match your existing home facade. 
  • Having a fully enclosed headbox means you don’t see the roll of the fabric and all other components are hidden neatly inside the box.
  • When you install outdoor blinds, you can select a system that has sidetracks like Ziptrak®. Engineered to hold and keep the fabric in place the side tracks help enclose the area for extra protection against the weather.
  • You can also go for a contrasting room by using contrast colours to your home décor. It will give a sophisticated, modern look. 


Operation Type


  • Motorised outdoor blinds can offer superior control over your blinds. You can control your blinds individually or together merely by the press of a button. For further convenience, you can integrate and manage your blinds with IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Alexia, Google Assistant, C-Bus or other smart home controllers with an endless range of opportunities.
  • Spring Operation blinds are very convenient and cost-effective as you will save on the motors and an electrician. You can open the blind from both sides and stop it anywhere. Most spring controlled outdoor blinds will come with a lock to hold the blind in position in windy conditions. We only recommend a Ziptrak® outdoor blind for spring controlled blinds as they work for blinds up to six meters wide. Also, they have spent almost 30-years on R&D in Australia and have something to offer that outperforms other products in the market. 
  • Crank operated blinds are also a good option. If you are on a limited budget, you can opt for these blinds as they are available on straight drop blinds to track-guided blinds.


How to decorate your home with plantation shutters?


Choose the right colour for your plantation shutters.


  • First and foremost thing to do is to choose the right colour of your plantation shutters. 
  • Though authentic, custom made plantation shutters look magnificent on their own, but choosing the right colour that contrasts or complements the room décor will give an appeal that stays for a long time. 
  • If you have aluminium plantation shutters installed in your home, you can go for any Colorbond colours, or if you want a natural look, printed timber colours are popular choices for plantation shutters. 
  • You can also go for shades of white and cream for plantation shutters. For basswood plantation shutters, white stained colours would perfectly fit. 
  • However, you can choose any of the available colours of exterior plantation shutters of your choice to give a unique feel to your home. 
  • White plantation shutters are the most preferred choice when it comes to homes. They are timeless and give the shutters to blend more fully into almost any types of home decoration. 
  • You can give a classic or modern look with the white plantation shutters as per your personal preferences and your home’s existing design. 


Decoration for Faux wood and other types of plantation shutters


  • Many homeowners go for faux wood, plastic and other types of plantation shutters melbourne  to save some money, but when it comes to creating a timeless appeal, these shutters fail. 
  • They don’t give that valuable and authentic style to the home similar to hardwood plantation shutters.
  • With faux wood shutters, you can request the supplier to finish them with lacquer, silken finish which will fit right in any elegant room decoration design. 


Combining plantation shutters with fabric window treatments 


  • A relatively new concept is trending in the window treatment sphere which combines plantation shutters with sheer curtains fabric treatments, especially with white plantation shutters. 
  • White plantation shutters are versatile, and it can be paired easily with coloured drapery panels or curtains melbourne to create a dramatic effect. 
  • Another decorative tip is to combining lace or sheer fabrics which is set against the light of the plantation shutters, which will give a superior look to the overall room. 
  • If you have installed café shutters, they have a fabric valance at the top position and plantation shutters at the bottom position, offering a superlative view. 

Outdoor aluminium plantation shutters will make the room look larger and no matter which decorative tip you choose. These shutters will make your space feel cozy and spacious.

With plantation shutters, you can also hang photographs, vintage pieces in your room to give a superior look to the room. Consider window plantation shutters as the foundation of your room design, and you will come up with many unique ideas to explore. 




These are some of the decorative tips you can go for when you have plantation shutters and outdoor blinds installed at home. With these tips, you can improve the overall effect of your room and create a mesmerising view to impress others. Buy outdoor blinds, and plantation shutters from a reputed supplier that is known for providing quality window treatment products and you are ready to go. 


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