9 Types of Plantation Shutters To Choose For Your Home

spaco_admin, April 28, 2020


Plantation shutters are sometimes called the plantation blinds, and it could be either outdoor plantation shutters or interior shutters with some wide louvers. These are highly popular types of plantation shutters all over the country. However, these are particularly more popular in the warmer province. Typically, the larger louvers are more suitable to give the shutters an elegant look.


Types of plantation shutters will help in bringing out the real beauty and elegance of the room. This versatile window treatment will be more helpful in translating the casual appearance of the room. When you are looking for an external plantation shutter, you can have them in different types that are made up of different materials.


Here are some of the types of plantation shutters that you need to gain knowledge to make the best selection out of it.


1. Full Height Plantation Shutters


Full height plantation shutters will be more suitable for most windows in different buildings. These are designed to cover the entire area of the window and it will help the necessary privacy for the place. Apart from this, these window shutters are great tools when you need to insulate the area and block the light in the space. This will be more suitable both for bringing out the beauty of the space and make the room comfortable. Thus, it is one of the modern aluminium plantation shutters loved by the modern generation.


Full height plantation shutters


2. Tier on Tier Shutters


As the name indicates, Tier on tier plantation shutters are made of two shutters. These are usually hung so one can be made to sit on the other. This will also allow you to open the top of the bottom part of the window independently or combined. You can customize it up to some extent. So, when you can customize the necessary light and air circulation in the room based on the needs of the people inside. With more options, this has been preferred as the best shutters by most people.


tier on tier shutters
tier on tier shutters


3. Café Style Plantation Shutters


In these types of Café style plantation shutters, the window will be divided into two sections. The sections will be the top and the bottom ones. The top session will be left uncovered, and the bottom one will be covered with two doors. So, this offers elegance in style, and privacy can be achieved. As a result, most people who are living close to each other like the adjacent home or the apartment homes, these could be the best option. Also, these would be more suitable as the exterior plantation shutters as well.


cafe style plantation shutters
cafe style plantation shutters


4. Solid Shutters


As the name indicates, the solid shutters will be solid and made of wood. Here, slats or louvers will not be used. These are highly preferred in the place where you need good insulation and blocking of the light to fall on the region. This will be more suitable for houses and offices as well. Make sure you are choosing the right materials like outdoor aluminium plantation shutters to preserve the wellness and beauty of the plantation shutters in your home.

solid shutters
solid shutters

5. Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters


If you are using infolded doors and some large windows, these bi-fold shutters will be more beneficial. These are designed in such a way where you can fold them. These will be fixed at the top and bottom. When you need to fold the big windows one part of the entire window, you can fold them as per your convenience. Also, these are more suitable as the aluminium plantation shutters for sliding doors.

bi-fold plantation shutters
bi-fold plantation shutters

6. Waterproof Shutters


Some plantation shutters that are made of wood or aluminium will be suitable for your home, but you need to show some special considerations when you need to install the plantation shutters for the humid area. In some places like the kitchen and bathroom, these plantation shutters need to be in contact with water. So, durability might be affected. Hence, the best idea would be a waterproof plantation shutter. These are 100% waterproof, and it is also easy to clean them periodically to preserve their wellness for an extended period. Here, PVC plantation shutters are the right option in more house areas.

waterproof shutters
waterproof shutters

7. Bay Window Plantation Shutters


When you love to have your windows with extensive options of customizations, these bay window shutters will be the best option. You can look for the service provider who can offer you a better-customized window shutter and place your order. These will be more appropriate to provide, and it will also help in revealing the overall beauty of the plantation shutter.


8. Conservatory Shutters


These are the next important ones to bring out the factor of privacy in your room. These plantation shutters will be attached to the sides of the windows or the ceiling panes as well. So, this will be more beneficial for all the buildings. However, speak to the service provider appropriately and make sure you are choosing the right one, and it is a comfortable choice.


9. Shaped Plantation Shutters


Are you the person who loves to be creative? These shaped shutters would be the more suitable option to choose from. Do you think that the window should be in the regular shape like a square or rectangle? No! It might be a pentagon, oval, hexagon, and several other shapes. These shaped shutters are the best option when you are choosing the shutters for such a geometric shape of windows. You can make use of any materials like timber plantation shutters and several others to have these shaped shutters.


The Bottom Line


So, you might have now gone through the most common types of plantation shutters. With these many types of plantations shutters, you need to choose the best one according to your home. Though all these are unique and offer the best solution for the needs of the plantation shutters, not everything will be suitable for your home. So, make sure you are more appropriate and do some research and pick out the most suitable one. Choose the right one and enjoy the benefits of the plantation shutters!


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