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spaco_admin, July 9, 2020

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We always want to keep our house free from flies too by keeping windows and doors open. To prevent insects, house flies, and crawlies, there are various options to avail. Among all solutions, fly screens for windows always stand out! This is the one for all type of doors and windows that you can imagine. To know more such fly screens and their different types, consider this piece of writing and make a wise decision accordingly.


Before we move further on types of fly screen, it is better to know more about the fly screen.


What is a Fly Screen?


In simple terms, a fly screen keeps out insects and house flies by providing fresh air. Many Australian households experience unwanted pests and house files in warmer months. It is a wire-mesh screen that can be installed on doors, windows to prevent pests, insects, and flies from entering a house and a room. Having your doors and windows installed with fly screens is always a wise take to get rid of unwanted guests like insects and pests. 


When we talk about the benefits of fly screens, you may amaze with their unconditional rewards. One of the major benefits is it keeps out insects by providing extra security. Window fly screens also keep your children safe. It will also maintain your privacy with your loved ones. Thus, we can say that having fly screens is not a bad option. 


Different Types of Fly Screens For Windows


1. Retractable Fly Screens


Be it doors, windows, and patios, retractable fly screens work wonder with this type of place. If you are looking for retractable fly screens Melbourne, this is the right place. Retractable fly screens can retract back. So, they are usable.  


2. Sliding-Fixed Fly Screens


Looking for the most suitable fly screens for your house when it has sliding windows and doors? Install sliding-fixed fly screens. As the name suggested, sliding-fix fly screens are made in parts which are specially curated for sliding types of doors.


3. Hinged Fly Screens


Don’t worry, if your house has smaller windows or any open small space. Hinged fly screens will make your work easy and it will keep away flies from entering your house. This is the best cost-effective solution. So, if you want to spend some cozy time and a cup of coffee with your loved one, it’s a perfect solution for you!


4. Meshes Used on the Fly Screens


This type of fly screen is categorized into three different fabrics or parts. Because the mesh is vital in any type of fly screen. This type of fly screens includes; polyester, stainless steel, and aluminium mesh. 


      • Polyester Mesh 


This mesh is the most popular mesh among all. Because this mesh is used in the screen designs. In addition to this, the polyester mesh is pocket-friendly and easy to clean with water. Thus, this mesh is appropriated for all type of residential premises.


      • Stainless Steel Mesh


If you are looking for a very secure and strong fly screen solution, stainless steel has all answers to your queries. Stainless steel mesh is the right fit when you own a business as a security door. Stainless steel mesh also comes with various powder coated colours. 


      • Aluminium


This is the long-lasting option as a fly screen mesh. And, if you want cheap fly screens for windows, aluminium mesh is the answer. 


5. Pleated Fly Screens


This is a popular yet the most convenient fly screen. This is the right choice when you look for something different than a retractable screen. This is the best type of fly screens for a modern cum sheer look. So, if you want to try something new and don’t want mesh rolls or blinds, without making a second thought try pleated fly screens!


6. Screen Windows


Screen windows are specially designed to cover the opening of windows. These types of windows also identify as insect screens or fly screens. You can easily put screen windows on your house windows and doors. It blocks birds, insects, spiders, and other flies from entering a house. 


7. Standard Fly Screens


This is the most common fly screen in today’s era. You can stick such types of screens in one place and can easily take down for cleaning and repairs if required.


  1. Magnetic Fly Screens

These fly screens are great when you are looking for a secure fly screen. If your house has a standard window then magnetic fly screens are best. Also, with magnetic fly screens, you can open and close house windows as per your desire. 


To Summing Up


When must admit that fly screens have infinite benefits for the home? Gone are those days when industrial-looking boring fly screens were in trend. To maintain your modern house interior with sufficient air circulation and a scenic view, getting cheap fly screens for windows is always your good-to-go pick! If you are looking for various colour options or want a consultation on fly screen replacement cost, it is better to always connect with trusted fly screen dealers in Melbourne who provide an eternal return on your investment.


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