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spaco_admin, April 26, 2020

For the buildings, there are lots of ways where you can protect from the sun, wind, and rain. One of the best things that you can do to save your buildings from the external climatic conditions is by applying the awnings at the right place. There are various types of awnings available to choose for your property.


Awnings are also called the overhand, which is the secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of the building. It is typically made of acrylic or canvas is woven, vinyl laminated to polyester or polyester yarn. There are lots of types with these awnings, and you can choose them based on the type and needs of the building.


Continue reading to find more about the different types of awnings for home and other buildings.


1. Retractable Types of Awnings


Among the different types of awnings, the retractable folding arm awnings are the best one when you are looking for the awnings to have a shelter or enjoy the sunlight. This is not the option for protecting you from the outer environment, but you need to safeguard it when you are not using it. These retractable awnings can be operated manually through the hand crank or retract/extend on its own, where you need not make use of the motor.


If you need to have the motor, it can be triggered with the button, sensor or the remote control. Sensor-triggered awnings can be programmed to a certain extent, and different events occur like the sun beaming down. Alternatively, it can also be programmed to retract in case if it is getting windy. The sensor-triggered retractable awnings will provide more convenience, but it will be a bit costly.


2. Fixed Awnings


When it comes to the fixed awnings, it is wall-mounted, and it will also offer constant shelter for the people and things under it. It is good at these factors, but the downside is that it will not offer all the time. It will have some additional poles at the end of some extensions for greater durability for the awnings.

fixed awnings

Also, the fixed awnings are the great choice if you are looking for permanent shelter for a certain portion in your home or exterior place. With this type of awnings, you need not fiddle around with the retractable unit; instead, this fixed awnings will be a great choice as it offers shelter for 24/7.


3. Portable Types of Awnings


Sometimes, you need to have the awnings that will be portable from one place to the other. There are some subtypes with these portable awnings, especially as the types of outdoor retractable folding arm awnings . Continue reading to find the available types of awnings for making it portable and convenient.


  • Umbrella
  • Canopy
  • Freestanding

portable awnings

Portable awnings are the best types of awnings that will give you the options of porting it to different places. It will also typically offer you enough shelter as the wall-mounted awnings. When you choose the umbrella type one, it will be suitable for the restaurant where people can sit in the open space and spend time eating their favourite dishes.


When it’s a canopy, it will be suitable when you are going for a tour or resting in the swimming pool. You can tie them for some time and remove them when you are moving out of the space. The freestanding awnings would be the best choice for some places like the meeting areas. It will be available with the stand, and it will offer enough protection for the people under it.


4. Motorized Awnings

motorised awnings

When compared to the retractable ones, these motorized awnings can be more convenient as it can be easily installed and uninstalled. This is because it will be manual retractable awnings that will be a bit costlier.


5. Window Cover Types of Awnings


If you wish to block the sunlight that falls directly into your windows, the window cover awnings would be the best option. These are specially designed for the windows. These can also be installed and installed whenever necessary.

window cover awnings

Some can also be motorized, stationary or portable. You can add more elegance to the appearance of the window by using the best window cover awnings. This can be the best for any types of buildings.


6. Traditional Window Awnings


These are readily available in standard and modern styles to make the best selection of the awnings. You can choose the standard window awnings that will have a side and will provide more protection from the sun.


This will also come with iron frames, and it will have a spear-like assembly to enhance the overall look. You can choose such types of awnings that will be suitable for your home and convenience. These can be the roller tube and also the form of motorization as well. You can use the drop arm awnings that can be operated with the motor that will offer convenience for some stores and decorate the doors.


7. Deck or Porch Types of Awnings


If you are looking for the window awnings aiming to have more security and privacy, then the best choice would be the deck or porch awnings. These awnings can help you to keep your patio awnings cool and protected without the presence of any harsh elements.

deck or porch awnings

These types of awnings would be suitable for pouch or canvas deck roller drapes that will be helpful to roll up and down with rope or sheave system. These porch awnings are the great choice to enhance the decorative option for the patios. These will help to beautify the overall surface with the protection of the home as well. The size of such awnings can also be given as per your needs.


The Bottom Line


Thus, you have got some clear ideas on the available types of awnings that you can avail of for different types of buildings and needs. These will differ from various perspectives, and you need to achieve it based on the building and nature of the building. Further, you should also consider certain things like the materials, length, types and several other factors to make the best types of awnings to achieve its purpose. Know more about it and choose the best one!


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