9 Things to Know Before Buying an Aluminium Plantation Shutters

spaco_admin, July 9, 2020

Plantation shutters are highly popular across the globe as one of the most promising window treatments that offer some unparalleled advantages. When you are looking for complete light and privacy control and yet a magnificent window treatment, aluminium plantation shutters can serve the purpose brilliantly. If you go into the market, you will find a wide range of plantation shutter with different sizes, shapes, colours and materials, but aluminium plantation shutters are the best among all. When you have made up your mind for outdoor aluminium plantation shutters, you need to take into consideration some factors before buying. 

Let’s Understand What You Need to Know Before Buying an Aluminium Plantation Shutters.


Table of Content

    1. Installation Process
    2. Warranty
    3. Louvre Size
    4. Motorised
    5. Easy Cleaning
    6. Will It Increase Your Home’s Value
    7. Privacy
    8. Colours
    9. Functionality
    10. Cost

1. Installation Process 


One thing that you need to understand clearly is that aluminium plantation shutter installation is not a DIY job. You cannot do it at your home. You need to hire a professional with expertise and equipment to help you out. If you want that look, functionality and durability, it is better to hire a qualified installer who understands the manufacturer’s requirements. He must have experience in installing these shutters and should have a track record to show to you. A qualified installer will surely ensure that you get 25-30 years of life from new shutters. Most of the manufacturers have their installers who will visit you and install newly purchased outdoor aluminium plantation shutters


  1. Warranty


Thankfully, almost all the manufacturer brands offer warranties on plantation shutters and it is a good thing. When something happens to the plantation shutters due to technical issues or manual handling, the warranty will ensure repairing or replacement of your plantation shutters. If a manufacturer does not discuss the warranty, you need to ask him and ensure that the product has a warranty.


  1. Louvre Size


Louvres are the backbone of plantation shutters. They are the slats which are fixed within the frame and they decide that your plantation shutters are highly functional, efficient and superior working. Changes in louvre sizes might bring many changes. For example, if you have louvres that are smaller in size, you will notice that the slats are closer to each other and the mechanism will allow less light to enter the room. Similarly, big louvres will allow more light to enter the room. 2 ½ to 5 ½ inches are considered ideal louvre size, but you can change it as per your personal preferences. Think about the amount of light you want to allow in the room and your window’s size and depth when you are deciding the louvre size. 


  1. Easy Cleaning


You, most probably, will not find time to clean the shutters regularly. So, the best decision is to have a window treatment that requires less cleaning and maintenance efforts. Aluminium plantation shutters are fantastic there as they don’t require more efforts and equipment to clean. The amount of efforts you need to put in cleaning shutters also depends on the louvre size. If the louvres are larger, they are easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth to clean these shutters. For deep cleaning, you will require a soft brush vacuum attachment to clean nooks and crannies.


  1. Will it Increase Your Home’s Value?


Here, you don’t have to think much as plantation shutters are great at enhancing your home’s value. Homes with aluminium plantation shutters are easy to sell. Not just that, it will give a glamorous and magnificent look to your home when they are installed properly by a certified installer. Experts consider plantation shutters as a “Hard Fixture Upgrade”. It will take the beauty and charm of your home to the next level. 


  1. Privacy


If privacy is your main concern, aluminium plantation shutters will surely serve the core purpose, especially mid-rail shutters. It allows you to separate the shutters so that you can open one portion of the shutters independently and you can control the amount of privacy in the room, and provide many advantages to your property


  1. Colours


There is a wide range of powder coat colours and printed timber look finishes you will find when you are buying aluminium plantation shutters. From plain white, a traditional choice for most of the homeowners to a printed stained wood finish, you can have as many colours to accommodate as you want. 


  1. Functionality


If any of your family members are prone to allergies or having asthma, these exterior plantation shutters are the perfect window treatment for you. They can be cleaned easily and offer superior functionality as well. From complete light control to improved isolate efficiency, these plantation shutters cater to your needs brilliantly. 


  1. Cost


When it comes to aluminium plantation shutter prices, it might vary from area to area. The manufacturer will give you an estimated price after evaluating your home and window sizes. However, it is highly recommended not to opt for low-quality shutters just to save some money. It will ruin your investment. You need to get a free consultation from a reputed brand dealing in shutters. 




These are some of the considerations that you need to discuss when you are buying aluminium plantation shutters. It will give a paradigm shift to your home’s look and bring comfort and convenience too.


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