15 Inspired Outdoor Living Ideas on a Budget

spaco_admin, May 30, 2020

There are two main components that homeowners try to achieve when it comes to decorating their homes: comfort and convenience. Some other components worth mentioning here are style, elegance, and sophistication. 

However, personal preferences and choices play a huge role here, for obvious reasons. However, most of the homeowners go gaga about interior designing and decorating, and not much has been talked about outdoor living. 


Well, your porch or patio can be a centre of attraction if you dedicate some time and effort to it. In this post, we have discussed some budget-friendly outdoor living ideas that you can explore to make the outside living area more appealing, beautiful, and highly elegant.  


Why is Outdoor Living Design or Decorating Important?


There are some impeccable advantages of beautifying your outdoor living spaces. First of all, it will give your property a classy and elegant look that will set it apart from others. In addition to that, you will have a separate place in your home to sit and relax while having your own time. 


Also, there are endless design options you can opt for when it comes to outdoor living space such as outdoor kitchens, covered front porches, wood decks, rooms, pergolas, beautifully designed patios, pavilions, fire or water fountain options, and some others. You can use your imagination and creativity to come out with something unparalleled and yet elegant to make your outdoor living space more unique and distinctive. It will also increase the net worth of your home, which is an added advantage.  


Now, we are clear about the importance of outdoor living space design and decoration. Let’s explore some unique ideas for the same.  


1. Hang Unique Sconces 


Make it the remarkable outdoor living by hanging sconces over the dining table. You can have breakfast or dinner with your loved ones here, and the overall experience would be great and refreshing. It is recommended to hang silver sconces of different shapes at varying levels to offer a fun focal point. A perfect example of class, isn’t it?


2. Outdoor Blinds 


If your outdoor space is facing the sun directly in the morning when you want to spend some time there, you can install quality outdoor blinds that can serve the core purpose. There are different types of outdoor blinds available in the market to choose from, such as outdoor Venetian blinds, sunscreen fabric outdoor roller blinds, PVC outdoor blinds, and more. You will find various benefits of outdoor blinds.


3. Fireplace Focal Point 


You can have a ceiling like experience in your outdoor living space by putting a massive fireplace which offers a beautiful focal point. You can also add some seating options such as a couple of chairs surrounding it or use barstools to make it an unmatched spot for family gatherings.


4. Install a Fountain 


How about enjoying your dear drink while the mesmerizing fountain sounds pleasing to your ears? Yes, it is the perfect idea for inspired outdoor living, and it will make all the efforts you have made worthwhile. Just install a simple fountain in the outdoor living space and see the magic it brings to the table.  


5. A Spot to Sit 


What is the use of decorating the outdoor space if you can’t sit there and relax while enjoying your drink or reading a book? Go for cozy seating and make your space a favourite place in the home.  


6. Bistro Nook 


For small-sized patios, all you need to do is to add a cozy space for you that just serves the core purpose of comfort and convenience. A table, some stools, or a bench can work the magic. You can have your morning tea while reading the newspaper or sit with your spouse while discussing day-to-day affairs.


7. Versatile Patio Tables 


One of the most astonishing outdoor living area design ideas is to introduce versatile Patio Tables for family gatherings. You can choose from a wide range of patio tables available in the market as per your preferences and budget. It will give an unconventional look and will serve a perfect purpose for family dining on weekends and holidays.


8. Patio Mood Lighting 


Do whatever you can to make your patio as beautiful and romantic. You can explore some lighting options to make your patio enchanting, enthralling, and attractive.  


9. Patio Fire Bowl 


A perfect family outing space can be created at your home by just adding a patio fire bowl between the circular seating arrangements. It will lighten your mood and make it a perfect gathering place in the house. 


10. Folding Arm Awning 


Folding arm awning can protect you from the direct sunlight and also adds to the overall beauty of the space. Retractable folding arm awnings will serve as a perfect ceiling and make the afternoon naps more enjoyable and relaxing. There are many things to consider while buying a folding arm awnings. Here you can read more benefits of folding arm awnings.


11. Dramatic Sofa Swings 


Rather than traditional sofa arrangements, you can go for swing sofas that are not just visually appealing and eye-pleasing, but also are more relaxing and comfortable. However, you need to have that much outdoor space in your area to accommodate such seating. You can explore the scale and proportions of your choice.


12. Matching Patio Furniture 


How about adding some matching furniture with your patio in the outdoor space to make it like a living room? You can explore many options when it comes to matching furniture such as chairs, tables, seating arrangements, and a wall separating chambers. Suit yourself!


13. Hang a Hammock 


There is nothing as relaxing and enjoyable as chilling out on holidays in your backyard hammock. You don’t even need trees to hang a hammock as there are many other options available such as attaching it to a pergola. You would also be able to use the shade the pergola offers. Isn’t it a remarkable outdoor living idea? 


14. Pillows for Patterns of Colours


When you have a seating arrangement in your outdoor living blinds space, you will need pillows too. You can choose pillows in various colours and patterns that match your space colours and patterns. It will give an altogether elegant and classy look to space.  


15. Poolside Lounging 


If you have a pool in the home, you can also explore the option of poolside lounging that will give a rich and affluent feeling to space.




There is nothing like a beautiful and elegant outdoor space to spend some time after your hectic day at the office. These outdoor outdoor living ideas that can turn your outdoor living space into life and make it superlatively appealing and eye-pleasing.

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