Why Should I Invest in Plantation Shutters?


Window treatments can completely change the whole appeal of your home and make it a beautiful, appealing and highly comfortable place. Just compare two houses: one with a window treatment and one without window treatment and you will see a striking difference. Unique window treatments can also improve your home’s value when you go on the market to sell it.


When it comes to window treatments, there are plenty of choices you have. From outdoor plantation shutters to blinds to shades to curtains to fly screens, you can choose any of them as per your personal choices, preferences and budget. All of these window treatments are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, shapes, colours and operating facilities. 


Plantation shutters are the most versatile, durable and offer a great aesthetic appeal to the home. Homes with plantation shutters are considered more valuable than homes without shutters.


All you need to do is to hire an outdoor living services provider in Australia, and that will be all. 


If you want to know the reasons to choose outdoor plantation shutters in your home, we have multiple reasons for you. In this post, we will discuss some of them with you. Stay tuned!


Sun Protection


  • If you think that blinds or curtains can fix the problem of sunlight entering your home, you are mildly mistaken. 
  • Though blinds and curtains can block a significant amount of heat from entering your room, when the window glass is hot, it will pass on the heat to the blinds and curtains and then in the room. 
  • Made from Polyurethane, this foam can keep your home temperature comfortable for you to live peacefully in even extreme weather conditions. 
  • Here, the sunlight directly hits the plantation shutters and not the window glass, and it allows a significantly less amount of heat to the glass and then in the room. 



Weather Protection


  • With aluminium plantation shutters, you can protect your doors and windows from the weather. 
  • In extreme weather conditions such as rain or storm or hefty windfall, all you need to do is to close the plantation shutters, and you are safe. 
  • In addition to that, plantation shutters can deflect branches and other debris that can break the glass. 
  • They can also serve as the best insulator in different weathers. In summers, they will maintain the temperature by blocking the excessive heat from entering the home, and in winters, they will stop the heat from going out of the house. 
  • Most of the plantation shutters available in the market can withstand winds of 100 km/ph when made from high-quality materials. 


Energy Saving 


  • If electricity bills are increasing your blood pressure and heart rate, installing outdoor aluminium plantation shutters, which can be closed and can be an excellent choice to get back your BP and heart rate in control. 
  • The high spike in the sales of plantation shutters is visible over a few years, and the main reason is they can lower down your electricity bills. 
  • Aluminium plantation shutters can protect your home from harsh weather conditions and can keep your electricity bills down by lowering power consumption as much as 64% throughout the year. 
  • Without plantation shutters, you have to keep your air conditioning unit functioning for whole days, resulting in high electricity bills. It is not an ideal case, isn’t it?


Noise Reduction


  • Apart from privacy and light control, you can achieve the goal of noise reduction with plantation shutters. 
  • If you are living in the busy main road and different noises are making you uncomfortable, you can have peace of mind by installing plantation blinds in the home. 


Light Control and Privacy


  • How about having a choice of allowing a certain amount of light in your home? 
  • Plantation shutters can make it possible as you can decide the amount of light entering your home. You can even black a room by rolling down the shutters. 
  • On beautiful sunny days in winters, you can keep them wide open to allow the delicate sunlight entering your home with fresh air. 
  • Apart from light control, you can have significant control over your privacy too. If you are living in noisy surroundings such as busy main roads, near airports or industrial areas, you can also reduce the amount of noise entering your home up to 50%. 
  • When completely shut down, outsiders or intruders cannot peep in your home and disturb your privacy. 


Wrapping Up


All you need to do is to install exterior plantation shutters in your windows and have a comfortable lifestyle. In addition to all the advantages we have discussed above, these plantation shutters also look attractive and appealing and give a new meaning to your home’s décor. Choose a reputed plantation shutter manufacturer or supplier, and they will do the rest for you.