Reasons Why you need Ziptrak Blinds for Your Australian Property


You don’t want to leave any stones unturned when it comes to protecting your outdoor space. You want the best shading treatment that does not just offer you superior comfort and convenience but also protects you from harsh natural elements such as rain, wind, sun rays, and heat. If you are looking for the best window treatment for your outdoor space, Ziptrak outdoor blinds are the answer to your quest. 


Due to their longevity and reliability, Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne have carved a niche for themselves. They are stylish, superior, and highly customisable. They serve the purpose perfectly and offer the best-unparalleled view of your outdoor space that you always dreamt of. All you need to do is hire the best official supplier of Ziptrak outdoor blinds and let them take care of everything. 


Are you looking for the reasons why Ziptrak blinds should be the answer for your outdoor space, such as porch or patio? Here are the reasons to convince you for the same. 


Ziptrak Blinds can work for any property. 


One of the most outstanding qualities of Ziptrak outdoor blinds is that they are highly customisable. They can be made as per your custom requirements and then installed on any property. Ask for any design and shape, and the manufacturers will work accordingly for you. 


Whether you plan to make a patio or a porch, or a barbeque space in your outdoor space, Ziptrak outdoor blinds will complement it. You will be able to beautify the outdoor space with these versatile Ziptrak blinds. You can choose Ziptrak blinds for your home windows too. 


Brilliant Design


One of the top-notch qualities of Ziptrak blinds is their impeccable design. Ziptrak blinds are available with a completely sealed system that is free from openings. You can say goodbye to dust, insects, and glare that irritated you for your whole life. You can have a relaxed, comfortable living on your patio or porch without worrying about natural elements. 


Other blind types come with complicated straps, buckles, and zips, which are difficult to operate. It is not the case with Ziptrak blinds. In addition to that, Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne are safe for young children and pets due to the unavailability of these straps, buckles, and zips. These blinds are a much safer option compared to other types of blinds. 


Easy to Operate


One of the most common reasons people avoid buying blinds is that most of them are easy to operate. How can we forget those hassles of tugging and pulling at ropes to open and close blinds? Most of the time, people turn to curtains rather than buying blinds. 


However, it is not the case with Ziptrak outdoor blinds. The manufacturers were aware of this issue, and they took special care while designing these blinds. They have made ease of operation their top priority. Today, Ziptrak blinds are known for their hassle-free operation and user-friendliness. They have a track-guided spring-loaded system, which is easy to operate and makes it easy for users to open or close Ziptrak blinds. 


In addition to that, you can also adjust the height as per your wish. You can stop and lock the blinds at any size of your choice to enjoy the warm sunlight in winter. Also, you can go for motorised Ziptrak outdoor blinds that are controlled with remote control. Just buy Ziptrak blinds online and let them make your outdoor space appealing. 


Enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year.


We all want to use our outdoor space throughout the year, don’t we? With Ziptrak blinds, it is possible. You can use your outdoor space without any hassles, even in seasons such as winter and monsoon. You don’t have to worry about wind, rain, and heat. 


You can invite your friends for parties, or you can make a special dinner for your spouse, or you can sit on your porch with your favourite novel and some wine. Suit yourself, and Ziptrak blinds are there to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest. 


Unmatched Style


Ziptrak blinds stand ahead of other types of blinds when it comes to style. They are superiorly stylish, appealing, and charming. Within a few seconds, they will beautify your space. By installing Ziptrak outdoor blinds in your outdoor space, you can add an everlasting aesthetic appeal and a luxury touch to your area. 


With a wide range of colour and design options, you have an enormous scope of style possibilities. All you need to do is choose a design that complements your existing home decor, and that is all. 


Install them wherever you want 


Versatility is the main advantage of Ziptrak patio blinds. You can install them anywhere in your home, including your balcony or roofed outdoor pool, patio, or porch. There are no limitations to it. Pick any area, and you can install Ziptrak blinds there, and it will make the room magnificently beautiful. 


Also, Ziptrak blinds are available with plenty of operational tools, such as spring balance locks. You can modify your operations accordingly as per your convenience and comfort. 


Built to Last


No one wants blinds that are not durable. Most of the blinds will start cracking, fading, or warping in a couple of years after the installation. However, it is not the case with Ziptrak outdoor blinds. You can expect nothing of the above things when you install Ziptrak blinds in your outdoor space. 


Made from sturdy materials, these Ziptrak patio blinds are made to last for a long time, even after withstanding harsh natural elements. Ziptrak PVC blinds offer the strength and durability that you are looking for. 


Maximise Your Space


By installing Ziptrak blinds in your outdoor space, you can maximise your space which would have been left lying empty and idle. If you have limited space in your home, you can maximise your space with Ziptrak blinds. 




Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne offer the best value for money. They are durable, reliable, and versatile. All you need to do is to hire a manufacturer or supplier who offers Ziptrak blinds. Ensure that the supplier also provides installation services. Beautify your outdoor space with Ziptrak blinds and live comfortably. 


6 Tips On Choosing The Right Outdoor Blinds For Your Porch


Endless possibilities are lying for you when it comes to outdoor living. If you have a good space in your front yard or backyard, you can do so many things to make your outdoor living comfortable, convenient, and stylish. You can create the ideal haven that you always dreamt about. The possibilities are endless, from creating a space for an outdoor kitchen or a barbeque point or an outdoor patio or a beautiful porch. 


Spending Sunday mornings with your loved ones over a delicious breakfast or inviting your loved ones for partying on Saturday nights can add a pinch of gratification to your life. 


If you have a porch in your outdoors, revamping it to make it more comfortable, private, and stylish is the need of the hour. If your outdoor is in direct contact with the sunlight or you are irritated as your neighbours can easily peep through your porch, you can go for outdoor blinds in Melbourne to keep these issues away from interfering in your private affairs. 


You don’t need to build walls to keep those prying eyes away. You can still make your porch like your own private oasis with outdoor patio blinds. They are highly cost-effective and highly reliable and last for an extended period. Similar to indoor curtains or blinds, these outdoor blinds in Melbourne are hung around porches. They keep the porch cool and comfortable. 


Made of high-quality and durable material, these outdoor blinds can withstand nature’s elements and forces. Also, they are available in manual and motorised options. You can choose at your convenience. 


Here is a list of things you need to consider while choosing outdoor blinds in Melbourne. 


1. Decide the actual usage of the porch. 


The first and foremost thing to do is to decide the usage of the porch you are developing. It would help you to choose the right quality outdoor blinds for you. 


Do you want to keep it a private space? Do you want to protect your porch area from elements such as direct UV rays, sunlight, rain, or wind? Do you want to make it an entertaining place for your friends and family members? 


There are many other possibilities you can explore to decide the usage of the porch. Once you choose, you will be able to find the right outdoor blinds for your requirements. 


2. Decide the material of outdoor blinds. 


There is a wide range of materials used in outdoor blinds for the porch. You need to remember that this material will be your first line of protection against nature’s elements. So you need to take into significant consideration while choosing the material for outdoor blinds in Melbourne. If you choose the suitable material now, it will save your time and money in the long run. Choosing the right material that can withstand harsh natural elements such as wind, rain, UV rays of the sun is vital thing. Choose accordingly. 


3. Installation must be done correctly.


Many homeowners go DIY when it comes to the installation of outdoor blinds in Melbourne. It is not a good way. You cannot be careless when it comes to installation. Thankfully, most of the suppliers and manufacturers of outdoor blinds also offer additional installation services. 


All you need to do is to let the experts do their job, and that will be all. Quality workmanship is the most crucial thing when it comes to installation. It will not just look good; it will extend the longevity of the product. 


4. Energy consumption 


If you don’t know, outdoor blinds can be more functional than you think. They can be used to make your home more energy-efficient, especially in summer. Your outdoor blinds in Melbourne can block up to 35% of the harmful sun’s rays from entering your house. 


The best thing about it is that you don’t have to rely on air-conditioning systems throughout the day. This is the best way to keep your energy bills down, even in summers. Isn’t it fantastic? Install quality outdoor blinds and save a significant amount of money in the long run. 


5. The ease of operation 


Though we keep outdoor blinds shut for the whole time, there will be times in winters when you want to open up blinds to have the natural warmth and light of the sun. However, you will want to close them when the wind starts to pick up. Hence comes the ease of operation thing into the picture. You should be able to open and close outdoor patio blinds quickly and without any issues. 


Manual outdoor blinds with ropes and pulleys are not convenient when bad weather strikes from nowhere. Hence, we always recommend you to buy outdoor blinds online with motorised options that can be operated with remote control and offer a great deal of comfort and convenience. 


6. The climate 


While choosing outdoor patio blinds, you need to consider the climate of your home. If you want to use an outdoor space throughout the year, select quality outdoor blinds that blend with the climate very well. For example, you want protection from the sun’s harsh rays and heat in summers and protection from rain and wind in monsoon seasons. 


Go for outdoor blinds that cater to your needs throughout the seasons. If you live in a climate where rain and wind are common throughout the year, you need to choose outdoor blinds accordingly. 




These are the things you need to keep in mind while choosing outdoor blinds in Melbourne for a porch. Make your porch a beautiful and convenient space to enjoy with your loved ones. Choose the best material available for outdoor blinds that can withstand harsh natural elements and offer longevity and reliability. Choose the proper manufacturer for outdoor blinds that also provide customization and installation services. 


What are the best fabrics and materials for your home blinds?


If you ask a designer the best window treatment that Australians love, the answer would be outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds offer the best value for money, and if you visit any Australian city such as Brisbane, Perth, or Melbourne, you will see homes with outdoor blinds. 


Outdoor blinds in Melbourne are famous for their look, feel, and high longevity and reliability level. They offer the best, rich look to your home and, at the same time, take care of temperature and light control. 


You don’t have to compromise on a single element when you determine to go for outdoor blinds. At Spaco Outdoor Living, we offer a wide range of outdoor blinds online to customers for home beautification. 


However, one thing that you need to consider here. The sense of beauty, durability, and look of your outdoor blinds depends on the materials and fabrics used, so if you fail to get that beauty that you wished for when you have bought cheap and low quality outdoor blinds or awnings, nothing to get shocked of. 


Many homeowners prioritize price over quality, and it is a dangerous thing as it will ruin your home’s charm and ambiance. Don’t do it. You might be able to save a few bucks initially, but you will see functionality issues in those outdoor blinds in Melbourne in a short period. They will lose their shine, or they will become prematurely weathered. 


Always choose a product with the right and superior fabrics and materials that last longer than expected. This post depicts some of the fabrics and materials for outdoor blinds that look fantastic and magnificent for a long time to come. 


Which fabrics to choose for outdoor blinds?


Before we answer this question, it is crucial to find out your purpose. What is your goal to install outdoor blinds? Do you want temperature control? Do you want superior light control? Do you want a magnificent room that represents your aesthetic choice? Different fabrics and materials have other functions, and you need to know about them first. 


Let’s discuss fabrics one by one and their functions and effects in the home. 




  • Which are the oldest style of blinds and awning fabric? I would say Canvas fabrics. 
  • Due to its high heat refracting properties, you can use them in the rooms where you want sunlight protection. 
  • It is one of the traditional fabrics, primarily used for awnings. However, you need to choose a high-quality canvas as it has to encounter harsh conditions.

Shade Cloth


  • Another fabric that is a traditional one is shade cloth. Like canvas, shade cloth is also used to protect a particular area against the harsh sunlight. 
  • They are available in a wide range of colours to choose from. They can be used to serve different roles. 
  • Dark-coloured shade cloth will absorb heat and also reduce the sun’s glare. 
  • When you use a light-coloured shade cloth, sunlight will bounce off. 
  • Choose a manufacturer who offers good quality shade cloth.

Block Out Screens


  • If privacy is your concern, go for block-out screens.
  • Though they are not the subtlest blinds, they offer a great deal of privacy and protection from harsh conditions. 
  • They are also used as patio outdoor blinds
  • If you have a patio in your backyard, you can use these screens to protect it from direct sunlight and to prevent those neighbours who peep into your affairs. 
  • It offers 100% privacy and light blocking. Keep your affairs private with blackout blinds.




  • Mesh screens are one of the most popular and preferred choices in Australia. 
  • Mesh outdoor blinds are made of PVC, which never rot or fade. 
  • Also, they protect your lifestyle from unnecessary outside elements such as bugs, harsh sun, rain, and wind. 
  • You can see through the windows. Mesh blinds are quality outdoor blinds that don’t fade or rot and offer you a great outside view. 
  • They are available in a wide range of density and opacity. 
  • If you want to allow cool air to permeate your area, mesh screens allow it. 



  • PVC outdoor blinds are also one of the most preferred blinds in Australia. 
  • They maintain uninterrupted views of the outside while reducing the amount of glare entering your area. 
  • However, you need to buy quality PVC blinds that last longer.

Now, let’s discuss some of the materials used in outdoor blinds.


Metal Blinds


  • Most of the time, aluminum is the metal that is used in metal blinds. 
  • They are strong and do not fade or rot quickly.
  • Most blind manufacturers oxidise aluminium to make it stronger. 
  • Horizontal in shape, these outdoor blinds in Melbourne are attached with a cord.


Wooden Blinds


  • Inspired by Venice’s architecture and fashion, these blinds are expensive compared to other types of blind materials. 
  • However, they are considered the best quality window blinds material, which offers the best value. 
  • They are mostly handmade from wood. However, they have some maintenance issues as they handle humidity, rain, sunlight, and wind.


Plastic Blind


  • They are available at an excellent, reasonable price and are prevalent in Australia as well. 
  • You can get a wide range of designs and a variety of options here. 
  • Most used plastic blinds are Vinyl plastic blinds that are durable, reliable, and strong.


Faux Blind or Composite Wood:



  • These outdoor blinds are made by mixing PVC and wood to create the base material. 
  • The maintenance cost of these outdoor blinds is almost zero. You don’t need to maintain them at all. 
  • It offers a unique wooden look to the blind that adds the aesthetic appeal of the blind.


Synthetic Blind



  • Here, synthetic fabric is used as material. Nowadays, these blinds are increasing in demand as they are available in a wide range of prints and designs. 
  • You can choose as per your home décor type and personal preferences.

Zip Screen Blinds


  • Zip screen outdoor blinds are trendy due to the unparalleled advantages they offer to homeowners. 
  • Attached to the slides with a zip, these blinds are very affordable compared to other types of blinds. 
  • They are of the highest quality and serve the core purpose brilliantly.



You need to ensure that you are choosing outdoor blinds in Melbourne from a reputed manufacturer. The quality of fabric and material is critical for blinds to last long. If you compromise at it, you might end up inviting troubles related to functionality issues. Spaco Outdoor Living is a top-notch name when it comes to blinds manufacturers in Australia. They are the licensed dealer of Ziptrak blinds in Australia. Contact them now to get the best deal for window treatments. 


Bring indoor entertaining outdoors with Ziptrak Blinds

Thankfully, there is a wide range of possibilities that we can explore when it comes to home décor. There is so much to explore, from furniture to the kitchen, from creating a patio to window treatments. 


Australian homeowners are creative and love to experiment with their homes. They develop unique ideas to utilise every inch of space in the home, including the front yard and backyard. 


For us Australians, outdoor entertaining is special as we love to stay in open space. The transition from indoor entertaining to outdoors can be fun and, at the same time, a value-added investment of time and money. 


For many years, open space planning has been trending in Australia and other parts of the world. Even architects and interior designers are coming up with innovative ideas to create fascinating outdoor spaces which can be used for different purposes. 


You can soak up in the sun in the early morning or chat with your loved ones in the evenings, or you can invite your friends to have a barbeque on weekends. You can create an outdoor kitchen or a play area for your kids. The possibilities are limitless.


If you have enough space in your front yard or backyard, you can create a magnificent outdoor area for various activities. All you need is ziptrak outdoor blinds to cover the area, and you are done. 


Ziptrak blinds are popular due to some unparalleled benefits they offer to homeowners. First, they have eco-friendly qualities that provide the best value for money. In addition to that, they also allow you to use all space throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions such as wind, rain, and scorching heat and sunlight. 


If you need more reasons to get convinced, we have plenty of them. Stay tuned! 


They offer protection from harsh weather conditions 


When you install ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, you are just preventing any types of extreme weather conditions from entering your premises. Ziptrak blinds are easy to clean and maintain and offer superior protection against all kinds of weather conditions such as chilly winds, UV rays, rain, and scorching heat in the summer. 

These blinds are best suited for the Australian climate and serve the purpose excellently. You can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the weather. Make minty moments with your loved ones while enjoying your favourite beverages. 


They offer versatility to your outdoor space. 


First, ziptrak outdoor blinds can blend indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly and effortlessly. Furthermore, they protect your area from harsh elements, offering you an opportunity to leverage their versatility to explore different options. 


You can go for a barbeque point, or you can create an outdoor kitchen, or you can have a play area for your loved ones, or you can make a sitting arrangement to play some quality time with your spouse. Explore your options and make the best out of them. 


They create a vibrant and inviting entertaining area 


Install ziptrak blinds and make your outdoor space vibrant and inviting. Let those floor-length verticals do magic by creating the illusion of a high ceiling. Also, you are safe and sound once the blinds are shut down. They offer an outstanding amount of privacy to you. You can get rid of those peeping eyes of neighbours. 


Also, real estate brokers believe that homes with great outdoor spaces impress potential buyers instantly. You can get a good amount when you think of selling off your home. 


They are energy efficient. 


Ziptrak blinds don’t just protect you from harsh weather elements; they also create an insulation layer to your home, reducing your electricity bills to a great extent. You will not have to keep your air conditioning on during the whole day in the summer.

These blinds will work as a natural air conditioning machine to make your home cooler in summers and warm in winters. 


Ziptrak outdoor blinds align well with the social push toward sustainable homes as they are eco-friendly blinds. 


They add value to your property. 

First of all, they are a cost-effective investment compared to other types of outdoor blinds. In addition to that, they offer superior and comfortable outdoor living throughout the year. 


You don’t need to renovate an entire section of the house. Instead, you can upgrade your outdoor space, and it will boost your property’s value to a great extent. 


Keep unwanted guests away. 


Bugs and insects are big enemies of comfortable and peaceful living, especially in Australia. When you install ziptrak blinds in Melbourne or in other cities where you live, you are just saying BYE to those unwanted guests who are blood-thirsty. 


Ziptrak blinds can prevent bugs, insects, and other species from entering your home by blocking their way. The same goes for the dust. You can protect the lives of your loved ones. 


Get the best extra space to live in 


Ziptrak outdoor blinds offer an additional extra space that the homeowner can utilise for different purposes. Also, these blinds combine indoor and outdoor environments in a perfectly harmonious space. You will have a brand new area, or we can call it a room, to enjoy with your loved ones. You can sit with your family members at night for private talks, or you can invite your friends over weekends. You can lead a luxurious life you have always dreamed of. 




Though ziptrak outdoor blinds are a reputed brand in Australia, you need to ensure that you hire a reputable firm for the installation. 


Reputed licensed professionals will come to your home and install them properly. 


There is a wide range of ziptrak blinds designs you can choose from. Explore colour and other options to match them with your outdoor blinds and the interiors. 


If you are looking for ziptrak blinds in Melbourne, Spaco Outdoor Living is a name to remember. They are the official dealer of Ziptrak blinds and offer unmatched services. 


5 Reasons To Choose Blinds For Your Home Or Office


Do you have an additional outdoor space that can be transformed into a weekend gathering place? Adding style and functionality to the outdoor area had been a significant concern for interior decorators in Australia. First, it gives a new impression to the overall feel of the home and second, you can create an entertainment area or a kitchen where you can cook your favourite dishes for your loved ones. Not just that, if you love to throw parties for your friends and family, you can convert your outdoor space into a party place. Remember, there is nothing to lose here. 


However, one thing that you need to consider while creating a beautiful outdoor space is to protect it from different factors such as rain, wind, heat and sunlight. Australian outdoor blinds can do the job perfectly. Outdoor blinds are the first choice among homeowners and interior designers when it comes to choosing the best cover for the outdoor space. The primary reason for that is the versatility and durability of outdoor blinds. 


Whether you want to convert your outdoor space into a patio, kitchen or a porch, Australian outdoor living blinds will serve the purpose of covering the establishment from extreme weather conditions. 


Not just that, outdoor blinds for patios can also protect your valuable outdoor furniture items and other belongings from the direct sunlight. All you need to do is to hire a professional, reputable outdoor blinds supplier. 


Furthermore, outdoor blinds add privacy to your space and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the area, beautifying the home to lure visitors. 


In this post, we will discuss five main benefits of outdoor blinds that you should know. 


Energy Efficient Blinds 


One of the main benefits of an outdoor blind is its energy efficiency. Outdoor blinds are available in different materials that can work as an energy-efficient agent. If you are organising a party in a day time, you won’t need to make any lighting arrangements as you can raise your outdoor blinds for lighting. 


At the same time, you don’t need to arrange for an AC unit as modern outdoor blinds can provide proper ventilation to space. You will not see a substantial decrease in electricity bills as outdoor blinds can offer excellent insulation to your area. You can save some cash at the end of the day. 


buy outdoor blinds


Unlike panel drapes, roller blinds and Venetian, Ziptrak blinds are available with an innovative track guided system that works as a significant temperature barrier. Here, the blinds material runs within the vertical tracks which are mounted flush against the window frame. 


Easy Cleaning & Maintenance


Homeowners, who don’t like to spend much time in cleaning and maintaining window treatments, would prefer quality outdoor blinds as they are easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is to spend some time cleaning them, and it is done. All you need is a soft fabric cloth to clean outdoor blinds. 


Cleaning sunscreen mesh blinds 


The tools you need are a soft brush broom and a gentle hose with a soft damp cloth. However, the good thing is that you don’t need to clean mesh outdoor blinds too often. If you just move them up and down, the process will shake most of the dust off. 


Cleaning PVC outdoor blinds 


You need to take special care while cleaning PVC outdoor blinds as the surface is highly sensitive to scratching. All you need to do is to clean them with a recommended cleaning agent. Most of the time, manufacturers or suppliers will give you a cleaning guide with clear instructions. All you need to do is to follow them. 




Another reason to choose an outdoor blind is its versatility. They are designed simply, and this unique feature makes them ideal for all sorts of commercial and residential outdoor space covering solutions. They are perfectly suitable for installation on windows, pergolas, patios, porches, balconies and alfresco areas. 


When it comes to commercial installations, you can enhance the brand visibility by applying the signage directly to the outdoor blind material, while enjoying the best protection from heat, rain and wind for your outdoor commercial area. 




When you browse outdoor blinds online, you will come to know that they are highly cost-effective compared to other window treatments. They are available with a wide range of colour options. In addition to that, they can be custom-made as per your requirements and personal preferences. 


Style and colour options 


You can buy outdoor blinds available in a wide range of colour and style options. Neutral colours will make your outdoor space more spacious and cleaner. However, there is no fixed rule when it comes to choosing the colour of outdoor blinds. 


Also, you can experiment with different styles available in the market to give a new definition to the outdoor space. Outdoor blinds can offer a sophisticated aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. You can easily find the style, design and colour that perfectly match with the existing home decor to give a magnificent look that you always wanted. 




Don’t you find these advantages fascinating? Outdoor blinds can give a paradigm shift to the way your home’s exterior looks. Choosing the best outdoor blinds that can serve the core purpose of aesthetics and sophistication is challenging though. Ensure that you hire the best supplier of Australian outdoor blinds who offers the best quality outdoor blinds in the market. Let them install them perfectly. All you need to do is to enjoy the look while spending quality time with your loved ones. 



Buying Outdoor Blinds & Awnings – 5 Tips From The Experts


Do you want to beautify your outdoor patio or porch while making it weather-proof? Outdoor blinds and awnings can make it possible. Awnings are made of canvas or acrylic cloth and function as roof-like structures attached to the exterior wall of the house. The canvas or acrylic cloth is then stretched over a light aluminium, steel, or wood structure. You will come across different types of outdoor blinds and awnings when you go and buy outdoor blinds and awnings.


When you have outdoor blinds and awnings installed in your outdoor space, they will protect your veranda or porch or patio from the sun, dirt, dust and insects. In addition to that, they will also offer protection against extreme weather conditions such as high winds and rain. In addition to providing protection, modern outdoor blinds and awnings also convert your outdoor space into a vibrant, bright and beautiful place where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones without worrying about weather, insects and the sunlight.


However, choosing outdoor blinds and awnings randomly might put you in trouble. When you buy without considering different factors, you might have operational and functional issues. In this post, we will discuss some important factors to consider before choosing outdoor blinds online


Choosing the right measurement 


Expert professionals would emphasise to choose outdoor blinds after taking the right measurements of your outdoor space. The first and foremost thing is to measure the area you want to cover. 


The length and width of the porch, patio or veranda must be measured accurately to eliminate any types of errors or discrepancies. If you hire a professional supplier of outdoor blinds and awnings, they will perform this job for you. 


Almost all Australian window treatment suppliers offer professional measurement services at a free cost. If you fail to take the right measurements, there are chances that your outdoor blinds and awnings will not function properly. Professionals will have the required tools at their disposal to offer you correct measurements. Rather than doing it in a DIY method, always hire a professional to do the measurement job. 


Get to know your climate


When you buy outdoor blinds online, you need to consider the climate of your area. For example, if you live in an area where high winds and rain are common, you need to choose a fabric of outdoor blinds that can withstand such weather conditions. 


Also, if your home is situated in a manner that it is exposed to the sunlight during the day, you need to choose a fabric accordingly. 


The climate plays a vital role in deciding the functionality and operability of outdoor blinds and awnings. 


Durability is the key 


When you are putting your money and efforts to have a comfortable living, you want durable solutions that last for years. When you are buying outdoor blinds and folding arm awnings online, ensure that the products you choose are highly durable with a long functioning life. 


buy outdoor blinds


When it comes to durability, ensure that the fabric of outdoor blinds and awnings can withstand heat, wind and rain. They should perform well in any type of extreme weather conditions. The Fabrics and other components should be of world-class quality to last longer. Take your time and choose the best supplier offering high-quality outdoor blinds and retractable folding arm awnings with a wide range of colours, styles and patterns. 


Choose the right fabric or patterns


Another equally important factor is to choose the right fabric or patterns for outdoor blinds and awnings. When it comes to outdoor blinds, you have two choices- sunscreen mesh and clear or tinted PVC. Sunscreen mesh is mostly selected to get the level of transparency and UV protection. Mesh outdoor blinds offer 70 to 99% wind, rain, sun and UV protection. In addition to that, they offer the best privacy control to the homeowners while maintaining the outdoor view. The mechanism also will reduce your energy consumption. 


You can also go for clear or tinted PVC outdoor blinds that don’t obstruct your view while offering superior protection against rain and wind. Also, the PVC material will not discolour. So, you don’t have to worry about discolouration. 


Let Professionals install 


Many homeowners install quality outdoor blinds and awnings on their own and then face different types of functional or operational issues. You should not make the same mistake. Why take such a headache when you have professionals who can accomplish the job with sheer expertise? These professionals are experienced and will do a perfect job of installing blinds and awnings to your outdoor space. 


When measurements are taken accurately, and installation is done correctly, these treatments will function properly. Let professionals take care of the installation part. 


Not just that, these professionals also offer after-sales service to customers. If any operational issues arise in the future, they will respond immediately and fix them. 




Outdoor blinds and awnings will give a paradigm shift to your home’s outdoor space when chosen and installed correctly. Don’t buy outdoor blinds and awnings randomly and understand their working methodology and availability of options you have. Beautify your outdoor space and make it your home’s favourite place to spend some memorable moments with your loved ones. 


How to Improve Your Home’s Outdoor Area with Custom Blinds in Melbourne?



If you have an outdoor space in the backyard of your home or a verandah, you are lucky. There are hundreds of possibilities you can explore with it. You can have a barbeque setting on the patio, or you can make an outdoor kitchen to cook some delicious recipes on weekends, or you can make the most satisfactory sitting arrangement there to enjoy hot coffee in the morning. However, no matter which option you follow, you need to cover your outdoor space to protect it from rain, wind and hot sunlight. Here too, you have many options available such as plantation shutters or outdoor blinds in Melbourne. It indeed depends on your personal preferences and the budget you have for your outdoor space.


One thing that most of the homeowners and interior designers miss here is the appearance and functionality of your home while deciding the cover of the outdoor space. Many companies are offering outdoor living services, but you need to define what you are looking for first. You need to ensure that the area is vibrant, aesthetic and offers complete functionality, no matter which option you choose.


One of the most sensible options to cover your outdoor space is to choose Australian outdoor blinds. They are versatile, highly-functional and very modern looking. If you are looking to introduce the best aesthetic appeal in your outdoor space, choosing outdoor blinds will not disappoint you. 


In addition to that, outdoor blinds are available in a wide range of outdoor fabrics, control options and systems to choose from Ziptrak or straight drop awnings are the perfect choices for outdoor blinds as they will serve the core purpose brilliantly. You can also choose the colours as per your preferences and still regulate the temperature in the outdoor space and protect the area from wind and rain. 


Also, you can customise your outdoor living blinds to suit your outdoor living area or house facade. There are many companies you can find in Australia offering custom outdoor blinds as per your wishes. All you need to do is to list down your preferences. You can choose from complete blockout, PVC or outdoor mesh varieties as per your choice. Whether you want protection from the sun in summer or the rain and wind in winter, customised blinds can help you achieve just that. Whatever blinds you choose, it will protect your outdoor living space and can add privacy while improving your living environment.



Outdoor Living Blinds


What are the advantages of choosing customised Australian outdoor living blinds? In this post, we will discuss some of them in detail. 


Personalised Style Options


  • If you buy Australian blinds directly from the manufacturer, you can have more style and versatility options compared to buying from a big department store. 
  • You can have a wide variety of finishes, textures and product types to choose from, and you can also experiment with different combinations. 
  • From durable clear PVC blinds to crank or motorised Ziptrak Outdoor blinds, there is a wide range of options you can have. 
  • Colours and textures will match perfectly with your existing home decoration style. 

Endless Colour and Design Choices


  • Another significant advantage of choosing custom modern outdoor blinds is the wide range of colour and design options you can have. 
  • From the full range of Colorbond colours like Monument, Black or Classic Cream to bold hues such as garnet red, forest green and navy, you can have the colours of your personal choices. 

Ideal Fit 


  • One of the rare qualities of custom outdoor blind manufacturers is to come up with accurate measurements to make a custom fit. 
  • All you need to do is customise your blind, measure it, order it, and DIY. Most outdoor shading specialists will provide a measure and installation service as well.
  • From an inside or outside mount to headrail options, you can have the beautiful finish of your outdoor area with an aesthetic appeal. 
  • Also, they offer superior after-sales services in the future if any issues come up. 


Australian Outdoor Living Blinds


Energy efficiency 


  • When you have custom outdoor living blinds in your premises, you will have better control of heat, sunlight and cold. 
  • It will bring your electricity bills down and give you a more comfortable feeling while enjoying the best moments of your life with your loved ones. 
  • With light-filtering, blackout and solar shades, you can have more heat-blocking power.
  • Isn’t it great if you are living in a warm climate?


Quality Manufacturing 


  • When you opt for customised outdoor blinds, you can get the assurance of quality. Outdoor blinds manufacturers will use cutting edge systems and fabric available to offer reliability. 
  • Furthermore, you will be able to choose the styles and materials that perfectly suit your home decoration theme. 
  • Also, you will get the training to operate blinds without any additional fees. 


Professional Installation 


  • Once you have decided to have outdoor blinds, we are just a call away. Once contacted, our professionals will visit your home for proper measuring of the space or windows. 
  • We have all available tools such as screws and fixings to measure and install outdoor blinds. 
  • Our professionals will also ensure that all the blinds are correctly adjusted for smooth blind operations. 
  • The overall time duration to install blinds will range from 1 to 1.5 hours. 


Wrapping Up


When it comes to outdoor blinds in Melbourne, there are some significant advantages they have to offer. All you need is to place your order, and they will do the rest. Give a new meaning to your outdoor space and make the most out of it by installing outdoor blinds there.

What are the best outdoor blinds for your home?

Outdoor blinds are the best choice for your homes outdoor pergola or alfresco area. They are versatile, energy-efficient and offer an aesthetic appeal. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and patterns. Outdoor blinds can give a new definition to the home. In addition to that, they can also keep disturbing elements such as wind, rain, dust and insects away from your home. By installing outdoor blinds in Melbourne in your home or patio or porch, you can enhance the functioning lives of your furnishings and other valuable belongings.


However, when you go to the market or explore online, you will come to know that there is a wide range of Australian outdoor blinds available for you. Each of them is versatile and available in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. Undoubtedly, you will have a dilemma when it comes to choosing the right outdoor blinds for your home. With multiple options, you will find it hard to choose one for your home.  


You can choose a prominent outdoor blinds supplier company, and the team can guide you on which one to choose for your home. However, you also need to learn about different outdoor living blinds and their pros and cons to decide for yourself. In this post, we will discuss some of the outdoor blinds and their functionalities and other information. 


Straight Drop Blinds


Straight drop blinds are highly affordable and available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns. For straight drop outdoor blinds, a crank operation is standard. Here, the blins are held at the bottom with a clip and saddle to stop it from moving during the windy conditions. However, there is a drawback of these blinds that you need to know about. They do leave a gap on the sides. It keeps some areas of the space open and might not prevent rain, wind, heat or cold. 


Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds 


Ziptrak outdoor blinds are the most preferred outdoor blinds by homeowners and designers due to some sheer benefits they offer. They are Australia owned and invented and are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. They can stay discreet and don’t obstruct your view and in addition to that, don’t compromise the decor of the space too. 

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

You can customise the blinds as per your personal preferences and needs. Professionals will measure, cut and install blinds as per the personal specifications you have asked. 


With Ziptrak blinds, you can have complete control over heat, wind, rain and cold. You can have the best comfortable time in your retreat without worrying about nature and insects. In addition to that, the strong and durable sunscreen mesh will ensure superior UV protection and the level of transparency. 


Unizip Outdoor Blinds 


Unizip outdoor blinds are preferred due to its unique track system which hides all the screws and bolts. Available in both- crank and motorised operations, these blinds offer the best aesthetic appeal to your space. 


Conceptualised and designed in Europe, Unizip outdoor blinds are preferred for their superior light and privacy control. Unwind yourself every day by installing these Unizip outdoor blinds and have some great time with your loved ones. 


However, the maximum width of these blinds is 4.5 metres, which makes them unsuitable for large settings. 


Our experts will take into account all your customised needs and come up with outdoor blinds in 2 weeks. 


Alpha M 


Alpha M is the latest innovation in Australia that has the magnetic retention system which can withstand the pull force up to 200 KG and offer superior protection against harsh weather conditions. 

alpha m outdoor blinds

Here, Neodymium magnet pairs are used in both the side channel and the screen guide to keep the fabric taut within the channel. It has a specially engineered, tube-in-tube design with a 60 mm octagonal tube nested within a uniquely shaped 102mm rounded tube. It enables the awning to hang tight in extreme weather conditions. 


to prevent insects from entering your home, there are two brushes placed within the opening of the headbox. It will prevent insects, debris and other dust from entering the headbox and damage the fabric. Also, as you move the awning up and down, these brushes will clean the fabric to improve its longevity. 




If you want to give your home the new and attractive meaning, Zipscreens is the name you need to remember. Designed and tested in Australia, Zipscreens are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles and can be installed in any residential and commercial premises. 


They offer insect resistance, wind and rain resistance and UV protection to the homeowners. The zip side retention system called Z-LOCK offers superior functionality, design and innovation to the whole premise when installed. 




When it comes to outdoor blinds in Melbourne, they are the perfect choice to give your home a new meaning, while taking care of light and privacy. All you need to do is to choose a type of blind that perfectly suits your preferences and choices. It will take your home décor to the next level.