5 Top Tips To Choose The Right Colour For Your Blinds

spaco_admin, November 6, 2020


Making your outdoor space an entertaining area will not just enhance your living, but also will add some value to your home. Whether you choose to create a porch, patio, veranda or an outdoor kitchen, you have to cover the area to keep rain, wind, heat and insects away from the site to make the space fully-functioning. Australian outdoor blinds can serve the core purpose brilliantly and can give a magnificent appeal to the area. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and patterns, these outdoor blinds will provide a new meaning to your outdoor space and make it more entertaining, secure and highly functional. 


Most of the homeowners find it challenging to choose the right colour for Australian outdoor living blinds. Getting confused is expected as there are multiple options available to you. Some homeowners prefer to go for neutral colours, and some might go for bright and dark colours. Though the colour selection is a personal choice and varies from person to person, there are many factors worth considering when you choose the colour of outdoor blinds. 


In this post, we have given some tips for homeowners who are planning to buy outdoor blinds online about the colour selection. 


Darker is Better 


If you want to choose lighter colour fabrics, you need to stop for a moment. Lighter colours might appear dirtier when you don’t clean them regularly. Do you want your outdoor blinds to look dirty and messy when your loved ones pay a visit to your home? If you throw weekend parties regularly, it might not be possible for you to clean blinds regularly. Instead, you can go for darker shades that look less dirty and serve the core purpose. In addition to that, darker shades will not obstruct the view also during the day time. There are many dark coloured fabrics available to choose from. You can choose any of them and make your outdoor space more vibrant and radiant and make a superiorly inspired outdoor living. 


Consider what the area will be used for


Another thing that you need to take care of is choosing the colour based on the usage of the area. If you want to cover an outdoor kitchen with modern outdoor blinds, you need to select a colour that does not look so dirty and stained. Here, a dark coloured fabric can perfectly serve the purpose. If you have created a living area in the outdoor space, choosing a darker shade will control the light during the day time. Also, a darker shade will give you privacy control too. In addition to that, it will also keep the harmful UV rays of the sun away from your area. Most interior designers also prefer darker shades over lighter shades due to these obvious reasons. 


Coordinate With Your facade Color


Furthermore, choosing a colour that complements or contrasts your facade colour is also an important consideration. We all want to create an unparalleled view that perfectly aligns with the existing facade structure. Your interior designer might help you to choose the right colour that perfectly matches your outdoor facade colour. You can select a lighter-darker combination to give an appealing view, or you can choose otherwise. Ensure that you try out as many varieties as possible to provide a perfect statement to create a mesmerising appeal. 


Don’t overcomplicate small spaces


Most of the time, homeowners and even interior designers might overcomplicate small spaces, not just indoors, but outdoors too. The outdoor space is a small area, and you need to ensure that you don’t overcomplicate the premise that looks weird and awkward. For example, a fabric that is too light might not serve the purpose, especially when you have darker walls. Similarly, when you make the small space cluttered, the whole ambience will look messy regardless of what colour you choose. 


Choose A Contrasting Color


If you want to create an enthrallingly brighter yet sophisticated appeal for your outdoor space, you can go for a contrast colour of the fabric with the facade colour. If the facade colour is white or other lighter colour, you can go for darker shades of a fabric that will give a striking appeal. Outdoor blinds for patio or porch are available in a wide range of darker shades, and they provide a fantastic view. Create something out-of-the-box by contrasting colours, and it will give an uninterrupted view. 




When you choose the colour of quality outdoor blinds for your outdoor space, think creatively, and you will find the best one that perfectly matches the existing outdoor decor of your home. Remember, convenience and comfort are two parameters that you don’t want to compromise with. Ensure that you buy outdoor blinds with the colour that perfectly suits the surrounding and keeps the heat and the UV rays of the sun away from the area. Darker shades can serve the purpose effortlessly. 


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